Milchig-: Literally- “milky”–made with milk (Yiddish מילכיק milkhik milky, from מילך milkh milk, cf. German milchig). Usually used to indicate a meal which is kosher dairy–the opposite of

Fleishig- fleishig: “meaty”–made with meat (Yiddish פֿליישיק fleyshik ‘meaty’, from fleysh ‘meat’, cf. German fleischig ‘meaty’).

Parve- containing neither meat nor dairy products (from Yiddish (פּאַרעוו(ע parev(e))–

e.g.- I asked if they were having a milchig or a fleishig meal at the shiva minyan, and they said I could bring either a parve or a milchig dish.


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