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Usually an adjective that describes something which is overly ornate, busy, ridiculously over-decorated, kitch, and garnished to the point of distaste. Doing senseless things.

E.g.- That outfit looks ungapatchked.
Video about the word:


ImageShtender: –  שטענדער- literally- “stander”- a stand or a lectern to prop up books. Some are made to be put on a desk, and some stand on their own like a modern lap-top stand.

E.g.- Whenever Jesse went into the Rabbi’s office, there was a large volume of Talmud sitting on the shtender, ready to be read.


Yiddish word of the week:

Schlep/Schlepper- Etymology: from Yiddish שלעפּן (“to drag”); from High German schleppen (“to drag”)– “to carry”-


schlepper (plural schleppers)

   1) a servant who carries things
   2)  a porter
   3) a pejorative insult for an individual who wanders aimlessly–
   4) One who acts in a slovenly, lazy, or sloppy manner. Kind of like the modern idiom of “slacker”.

E.g.- When I put on my ripped jeans and dirty tee-shirt to go to the conference, my wife said, “are you really going to dress like that, you look like a schlepper!”



e.g.- That woman is such a machashefa, I wouldn’t ask her anything.