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Luftmensch: Literally, “air person”. Someone whose head is in the clouds, usually concerned with intellectual or artistic pursuits while being oblivious to and out of touch with this-worldly concerns like earning a living. Usually refers to a
male for historical/sociological reasons.

Eg.- My husband is such a luftmensch. Even though our electricity was disconnected he just studies by candle-light!


Gei gazinta hait

Gei gazinta hait: Go in good health. Often said in parting but can be spoken with irony to mean, “go do your own thing.”
She said she wanted to go on a 15 mile hike, and I said, “gei gezinta hait.”


Tzedreyt- confused/mixed up.

eg- When I got off the airplane I was all tzedreyt and forgot to get my luggage.


I took a little break, but thought this week was the time to restart the Yiddish word of the week.
This weeks word: SONY DSC/(plural– …lach) — a Jewish dumpling– aka- a matzah ball.
Eg.- Can I have another knaidel please? Your knaidlach are delicious!

This week’s word was the winning word in last week’s annual Scripps National Spelling Bee. The winner was a boy named Arvind Mahankali. However, Yiddish scholars dispute this as the correct transliteration. Interesting that the winning word can be one whose spelling is not so clear… See the NYT article here: