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A shlekhter sholem

A bad peace is better than a good war.

A shlekhter sholem iz beser vi a guter krig.


Shmatta and Schlump

Shmatta–A rag– often used despairingly to refer to someone’s tattered, unfashionable, or ugly clothes, especially head coverings.

Schlump(y)- sloppy, slovenly, unbecoming, dowdy.

E.g.– Oy! Look at that shmatta she’s wearing! What a schlump!



A klug tsu Columbus / A broch tsu Columbus.

A klug tsu Columbus or A broch tsu Columbus.
Literally- A curse on Columbus. (Broch is the same thing but a bit stronger than klug)

Expression used by Jewish immigrants in the early part of 20th century who felt they were not doing as well as they expected in their new country.

E.g.- A klug tsu Columbus for finding this godforsaken land where I have had to struggle and suffer.


Yiddish word of the week:
Shvitz- Sweat
Can also be used to describe a steam room session.
Eg.- It is so hot in NY right now that I am shvitzing like a hazer (pig).
After working out I went for a shvitz


Yiddish word of the week:
Yenne-velt: Literally “other world”. Used to indicate the afterlife or the world to come. Also used in the context of a place which is really far away or in the “middle of nowhere”.
E.g.- Randi, Lenny, Bob and Ina were on their way to the club, and it was taking an unusually long time. Ina said, “what’s beyond yenne-velt? because that’s where this place is!”